Jack Jones studio was set up in 1995 by Helen Pegge, who trained at the Royal college of Art in London.

We design prints for all areas of the women’s wear market including juniors, contemporary, sleepwear and swimwear. We sell our designs to a multitude of fashion brands and fabric manufacturers across the globe.

Our collection is art directed and created by a team of fabulous designers from our studio in East London. We have several team members who have been with us for over twelve years. This, plus a very strong team spirit, must contribute to the fact that we are often complimented on the consistency of our design work.

Instinct is a very big part of the art direction process at Jack Jones Design. Our aim is to create a trend driven and highly commercial collection, however we still strive to surprise and stimulate our customers.

For inspiration we look to the catwalks of course, but we endeavour to make an intelligent and thoughtful response to the trends we see there. That creates the foundation of the collections we create but we then use ideas found at vintage markets, within street fashion, cinema and art to build a unique structure each season.

All our designs are presented on fabric and are computer generated unique pieces of work. Designs are produced in either Photoshop or Illustrator.

Our collection is regularly presented in: London, Los Angeles, Como, Lyon, New York, Rome, Honolulu, Tokyo, Osaka, Paris, Milan, Istanbul, and Seoul

We show our collection at these trade shows, Premier Vision Designs in Paris and New York and ComoCrea.